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KenKool AC

Well-maintained hotel rooms

Let us help you keep your guests happy and comfortable by improving the air quality of your hotel rooms. From replacing your old PTACs to fixing your existing ones, we have all the services to keep your air conditioners functioning smoothly.


Our PTACs are economical and easy to install. Make your hotel rooms more comfortable and energy-efficient with our air conditioning services. Let us help you take control of the temperature in your rooms.

Complete air conditioning services

•   Hotel and motel units/PTAC

•   Amana PTAC and Frederick Air

•   Services

•   Repairs

•   Sales

•   Ductless units for hotels and motels

Our technicians are highly trained, licensed, and efficient to perform all sorts of repairs on your existing air conditioners.


License Mech/Plb: 75414

Electrical License: 44934


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Reliable air conditioning services

KenKool Woodward, OK has been providing top-quality air conditioning services for hotels and motels. Our PTACs are designed to meet all your needs and to last long.


Get a PTAC installed by us to create the perfect environmental experience for your customers. We understand how important quality and comfort are to the hospitality industry. Get in touch with us today to receive the highest-quality services.



Improve the quality and comfort of your rooms