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Reliable heating and cooling

Hot summers and freezing winters make heating and air conditioning systems necessities. Stay comfortable all year long with a high-quality heating and cooling systems.


KenKool of Woodward, OK has been providing reliable and top-quality heating and cooling services for more than 100 years. We provide products from Bryant.

Complete heating and cooling

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Providing you with high-quality HVAC services is our priority. All our services are licensed and dependable.


License Mech/Plb: 75414

Electrical License: 44934

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Breathe clean air

Get a heating and cooling system installed to enjoy the following benefits:

•   Improved air quality

•   Reduced energy bills

•   Convenient heating and cooling

•   Improved health

•   Pollutants expelled from the air

•   Remain comfortable all year long

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Control the temperature of your building