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KenKool Commercial generator

Keep your electrical power working

Power failure that lasts for a long time can greatly affect the safety, comfort, and security of your family and yourself. KenKool of Woodward, OK understands how important a constant supply of power is to your home and business.


KenKool has been providing high-quality generators from top brands for more than 100 years. You can always rely on us to keep you protected and safe with high-quality and

efficient generators.

Make sure your backup is ready

•   Whole home generators

•   Commercial generators

•   Sales, services, and repairs

•   Installations

•   On-site consultations to discuss all your energy usage needs

Keep your business functioning smoothly and your house safe and well-lit in case of an outage with top-quality generators. All our services are licensed:


License Mech/Plb: 75414

Electrical License: 44934

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Get backup for power outages

The top brands that we carry are Generac Generators and Kohler generators. From industrial refrigerators and security systems to computers, gas pumps, heating and air conditioning systems, and lights, Kohler generators can power your whole business.


Generac Generators are designed to efficiently meet all the power requirements of consumers and businesses. You can always rely on Generac Generators to keep the lights on and your business running in case of any power outage.

Generator Home generator

Reliable backup power source for your home and business